Monday, January 9, 2017


Brought to you by two drift-compatible reading buddies, Scoundrels & Seduction is a blog all about the under-appreciated genre of romance.  This blog will feature reviews, features, and other fun things about our favorite authors and books.

Hello everyone! I'm Eri and I'm a college student who hides a hopeless romantic behind the snark and cynicism of being a newly minted adult. I prefer love in the fictional world, and I'm quite terrified of finding it in real life, considering the grandiose expectations romance books have given me. Of romance, my first love is Regency romance, but I do love a good contemporary or chick lit book as well. I'm quite particular with my favorites, but once an author wins my favor, I'm loyal as a dog to keeping up with releases.

Starting this blog is a very exciting adventure for me, considering how much I love this genre and the lovely books that make it up, and I couldn't be happier to share this with one of my best friends Lisa, who is my kindred spirit in all things romance. More often than not, we are usually texting each other about all the romance because we love a good couple and banter, so this seems like the perfect outlet to share our loves with the world.

Hi, fam! I'm Lisa and I'm a postgrad student who really should be focusing on academia more but how do you do that when there are so many great romance books to read? Someone teach me please! Anyway, to say that I'm a big romance buff feels like understatement; I read romance novels (and cry about them) almost all the time. My high expectations of real life men can be attributed to all the love stories I read. 

Unlike Eri, my first love is contemporary romance, but I started reading regency romance a couple of years ago and I haven't stopped since. I immediately jumped on the idea when Eri asked me if I wanted to start an all-romance blog with her. What better way to showcase my endless love for this genre than to dedicate a blog to it with one of my best friends? We're both drift compatible when it comes to our reading picks and material, and I'm totally excited to share our reads here with the rest of you. 

We hope you enjoy our blog and all the delightful things we have to bring to you! In the meantime, feel free to chat and fangirl with us on social media <3

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